About Us


We are a company that provides all the necessary service for the Relocation and Installation of machinery and equipment for the Industry.

Turn-key projects

Specialists in turn-key projects of complete industrial plants. We carry out the disconnection of services (electrical, water, air), disassembly, loading, transportation, unloading, positioning, assembly of machine components, reconnection of services and assistance during start-up tests.

Our versatility has allowed us to carry out relocation projects in America, prepared hundreds of cargo with origin or destination to Europe, Asia and America, in addition to working in coordination with technicians from companies around the world, In the installation of new machinery.

We distinguish ourselves for projects that demand efficiency and effectiveness, as well as being, for our Customers, highly competitive in cost / benefit.


In order to meet industrial needs, as a contractor, AK Industrial Contractors, Inc. was born in 1981,  in Arkansas, USA, initially attending the maneuvers and power supply with the level of precision required by this sector.

It is in 1997 when AK Industrial Contractors established its AK Industrial Contractors Mexico division in Monterrey, Mexico with the objective of attending to the projects generated since the NAFTA, supporting our Customers now from both sides of the border of a fast, secure and efficient way.

At AK Industrial Contractors we have expert professionals and our own equipment in perfect conditions, which ensure that the project’s compliance with the established dates and scope.

“Our experience and the trust of our Clients have allowed AK Industrial Contractors to be, without a doubt, the leading company in Mexico.

Mission and Vision


“To continue being a reliable company for our customers, maintaining qualified personnel and optimum equipment, ensuring the profitability of the company and the integrity in the facilities”


“Be the leader in industrial movements in America”


“Performing from the beginning the projects of our clients, fulfilling in timely manner with the contracted services“


In addition to the compliance with Norms, Regulations, Policies and Procedures of safe and security of organizations, institutions and our own customers, we have integrated safety into our daily work. Constant training programs in use and handling of equipment, personal protection, as well as good practices in the revision and maintenance of equipment.

The safety of our staff and our customers is the most important thing for us.

It is a very serious topic for us.

Civil liability certificate

The Certificate of Insurance gives our Clients evidence of the coverage with effective dates, numbers of policies and breakdown of the coverage according to the work that is carried out.
certificate of liberty insurance


We understand and recognize that the relocation and installation of equipment represents one of the most critical decisions a company can make; Therefore, we are proud to be active members of associations that foster and reinforce the fulfillment of our responsibilities as a service company towards our clients.

We want to be your business partner.

Sharing information, points of view and experience to prevent and / or resolve any contingency.

Our goal is the excellence.


Since 1959, the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) has assisted its more than 1,100 members in 43 countries to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety through services and meetings where members commit to rules for activities as:
Movement and assembly of machinery, rental of cranes and equipment, maneuvers with heavy equipment, alignment, oil fields, hauling equipment, maintenance of the plant, transportation of overweight / oversized equipment and movement of military equipment.

SC & RA’s main function is to provide the information that any member needs to know in order to carry out safely and legally  the transportation and overhead and oversize machinery lifting maneuvers?.

chamberSince 1917, the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, A.C. (AMCHAM) is dedicated to the work of representing, promoting, and developing business interests between Mexico and the United States. American Chamber of Mexico is the largest and oldest American Chamber of Commerce outside the United States, serving the business community in promoting treaties and trade.